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Log your workouts, track your progress, create or follow well-known programs and deep dive into the world of anatomy.

iPhone displaying the Log screen of the Wlogr app, which lists logged workouts.
Two iPhones side by side, each displaying the Logged Workout screen in the Wlogr app, which shows logged exercises and their sets.

Log workouts

- Your digital workout notebook

Easily log your workouts and stay consistent with your training.

  • Log endless workout sessions for free
  • Support for a wide range of exercises
  • Select between imperial and metric measurement systems
  • Utilize supersets, dropsets and more for dynamic sessions
  • Complete exercise overview and performance statistics

Track your progress

  • Stats & Charts Visualize your workout data through interactive charts for in-depth analysis.
  • Personal Records Keep track of your best performances and milestones.
  • Exercise & Muscle Distribution Explore a pie chart breakdown of your workouts by exercises, categories, and muscle groups for a balanced training regimen.
  • ... And much more, waiting for your discovery!
iPhone displaying the statistics screen in the Wlogr app, which shows reps, sets, muscle- and exercise distribution and more for a given time period.
iPhone displaying the Programs screen of the Wlogr app, which lists gym programs.

Follow programs

Explore our entensive and evergrowing database of fitness programs, designed to meet all gym goals and skill levels.

Starting Strength
Russian Squat Routine
Lower Body
Body Building
StrongLifts 5x5
Push Pull Legs
Get Lean

Discover workouts

Explore a variety of workouts for any fitness level and goal. Build strength, enhance flexibility, boost endurance and stay motivated.

iPhone displaying the Workouts screen of the Wlogr app, which lists gym workouts.
Build Muscle
Full Body
Upper Body
Lower Body
Weight Loss
Pregnancy Safe
Grip Strength
30 minutes

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Feature summary

  • Easy workout logging: Track your fitness journey, ensuring you stay on top of your progress.
  • Programs for all levels, including beginners, amateurs, powerlifters and bodybuilders.
  • Extensive statistics — Gain insights in your workouts habits, lifted weights, records, distribution of muscles worked and more.
  • Create personalized programs with support for periodization and comprehensive workout planning.
  • Create your own workouts, tailoring each session to fit your unique fitness goals.
  • Favorites — Save your favorite programs, workouts and exercises.
  • Use our calculators to determine key metrics like 1RM, TDEE and more.
  • Knowledge — Read up on exercising, recovery, muscle group anatomy, diet & nutrition in our explore pages.